Case Studies

Corporate Name Badge
The concept: The idea was to have a name badge that would stand out and give the customers a feel of professional environment. The badge would have two parts one part bearing the company logo that would be fixed and the other part being the name that would be interchangeable. The concept also required two different shapes for accommodating the corporate logo.
The Challenge: The product had to be developed with only four different parts and thus reducing the no of molds. We came up with an interesting mechanism that fulfilled all the constraints and further reduced the mold complexity making it cheaper to manufacture.
The result: The product was prototyped using 3D printing and tested successfully. The result was a simple and elegant corporate name badge that every employee would like to display proudly.



Tower Box
The concept: The idea was to have a box that would hold two different snacks separately and still would be packed together. The packaging would be best suited for small house parties.
The challenge: The challenge was to make two conjoined boxes that would lock separately purely out of the base material which was food board. Also the concept wanted a tissue holder or some space that could hold tissues or spoons.
The result: All the features of the concept was successfully implemented while giving it a wonderful tissue holder innovating the joint.