The following are some of the most innovative products invented by our founder with their patents pending.
Automatic Folding Carry Bag
This product is unique in the sense that it can deceiving from its actual function but that is the actual purpose. This product was inspired by the common man’s problems of shopping.
Carrying a bag for shopping is always considered a task which people would like to avoid if possible and is difficult if you don’t want to pay for one. Its because carrying one is uncomfortable not to mention the bulging pockets that shouts out that you are going shopping. Also after shopping if you buy only small quantity of goods compared to the size of the bag you carry, it dangles and makes it uncomfortable to carry.
This invention eliminates all those discomforts along with providing a host of other features.
It is compact about the size of a small spectacle box.
Very easy to carry in pockets and extremely stylish.
The size of the bag can be adjusted as per needs. It can easily pulled out from its cover and used as per need.
You just need to push a button so that the bag goes inside thus making it an amazing invention.


Compressible cup
Have you ever thought of the hygiene that disposable plastic cups offer for drinking beverages. These cups are stacked one above the other and packaged in bulk quantities. So if you want one cup you have open the entire package exposing other cups to contaminants unless they are used immediately especially in the transport industry like airlines and railways.
So we have come up with a cup that offers the highest degree of hygiene that any other beverage holder. The cup is called compressible cup since it can be compressed and packed in individual packets making the packaging compact.
These cup also have beverage liners inside them eliminating the need to put any beverage powder for consumption. You just have to tear the outer packets. Decompress the cup which is effortless and just pour hot or cold water and itsĀ are ready to drink. No messy tea bags and no messy powder spills. The cup is packed in the manufacturing plant and is only opened while consumption thus making it the most hygienic disposable cup.
Also the profile of the cup makes easy to hold eliminating any chances of slippage making it the coolest cup ever invented.
Straw Spoon
Straw spoons are popular in fruit juices with fruits mixed into the liquid juice which requires a spoon and a straw to consume. Straw spoons combine two different utensils into one saving space and effort. The existing straw spoons look more of a spoon than a straw which is not cool with a juice having more liquids thus making it difficult to adopt for the not so fancy population.
We have come up with this product which looks like a straw from the outside with no visible spoon portion but can be converted to a spoon by pressing the top of the straw eliminating the existing problem.
The spoon is flexible yet strong enough to hold solid food thus enabling it to be compressed inside the straw. The image shows the straw spoon with the spoon out. This makes it very innovative.

straw spoon


Folding Plate Cum Lunch Box
Lunch boxes are an integral part of human life with them being used almost every day and every stage of human life from school to office and while travelling. But there has always been an untold need of enjoying a full meal from a plate which was never fulfilled until now.
People going to office always carry a small lunch box with one kind of meal of their choice like chapatis and vegetables or rice and curry but seldom a complete meal with all of them together. The reason being there is no compact lunch box that would accommodate all of them and also give the experience of eating from a plate. The Indian dabbawalas would give a complete a meal with their long lunch boxes which no person would carry from their homes. Also the boxes are steep reducing the comfort level of eating from one.
We have created a lunch box that solves all the current problems and giving a the ultimate joy of eating from a plate. The Folding Plate Cum Lunch Box also known as quadbox can used as slotted plates when open and can be folded twice to obtain ultra compact lunch box that is easy to carry. The box is airtight and has four separate compartments to prevent mixing of different delicacies. There is also a provision to detach the boxes in case you want to carry a light meal making it the most innovative and versatile lunch box than anything out there.

lunch box 2
lunch box 3
lunch box 4
lunch box 5


Banana Wrapper
Ever had a shawarma or a frankie or a wrap or any kind of wrapped food for that matter without the need to peel the wrapper effortlessly while eat. Well, I didn’t.
Even though the snack was delicious the moment of joy would be interrupted by the frequent pulling down of the wrapper which is tedious but often ignored.
We have invented a wrapper that solves all those discomforts and provides a host of other features. The wrapper is called banana wrapper because it can be easily peeled off like a banana. The wrapper can also be adjusted to hold different sizes of wrapped food making it universal. It can also be packed for takeaways. Also it can be used to promote brand effectively with all the features being displayed prominently.