We provide product development training to aspiring students as well as professionals.
Our trainings are purely practical where we ensure every participant creates at least one product that is useful in the real world in a domain of their choice. This makes us really unique unlike the classroom sessions which lacks practical approach to development.
Our trainings are remote based so that anyone can learn how to develop something new at their own time providing them flexibility and manage their sessions accordingly. Our trainings may range from 1 month to 6 months providing the participant enough time to condition their brain into creating innovative and exciting products and we ensure that they make one product that fulfills a purpose and that can be sold in the market.
How does it work?
After enrolling we give introduction to product development and the industrial practices for developing products. This is the only theory based learning.
Immediately after that we assign projects to each candidate.
The complexity of projects may vary but each candidate will be guided through all the tools and techniques available in developing a successful product.
At the end of the training each one of them will have a tangible product in their hands which they can sell if they want.







Contact us to get rates and other details:
Name: Kannan Reddiar
Mob:  8983750048